The Linux Foundation Transforms the Energy Industry with New Initiative: LF Energy

RTE, Europe’s Biggest Transmission System Provider, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, Vanderbilt University and The Electric Power Research Institute Supports LF Energy and Open Source Innovation

By Jim Zemlin

We are thrilled to introduce the new LF Energy initiative to support and promote open source in the energy and electricity sectors. LF Energy is focused on accelerating the energy transition, including the move to renewable energy, electric mobility, demand response and more.

Open source has transformed industries as vast and different as telecommunications, financial services, automobiles, healthcare, and consumer products. Now we are excited to bring the same level of open collaboration and shared innovation to the power systems industry.

We are also honored that several global, highly influential energy leaders and research institutions are supporting The Linux Foundation including RTE (Europe’s biggest transmission system provider), the European Network of Transmission System Operators, Vanderbilt University and The Electric Power Research Institute.

LF Energy is welcoming four new projects as part of the initiative, and we plan to host numerous information and communication technologies (ICT) that will advance everything from smart assistants for system operators to advanced grid controls, analytics, and planning software. See today’s news to learn about our new LF Energy projects and hear from these partners.

We invite developers and organizations to join us as we accelerate the Energy Transition.

We believe open source is the key to both modernizing and protecting the security and reliability of the world’s power systems. Our confidence stems from a rich, successful history with open source transforming other markets.

With the technical and operational guidance of The Linux Foundation, LF Energy will create a sustainable ecosystem to quickly and efficiently deliver robust, secure and innovative solutions. We’ll achieve this by curating reusable components, open APIs and interfaces through project communities that the energy ecosystem can adopt into platforms and solutions.

LF Energy invites collaboration and open source innovation with all participants in the energy and electricity sectors. We are excited to foster progress and a neutral shared environment in this important space. Join us as we embark on this new venture and repeat history in the best way possible.