If open source software is eating the world, Linux Foundation events give companies a privileged seat at the table. Leading companies power their businesses with open source. And they attend, sponsor, and speak at Linux Foundation events to strategically expand their open source reach and influence.

Our events are the only place where companies can reach the maintainers and developers who steer the open source projects they use to create their commercial products and services across enterprise, networking, embedded, IoT, and cloud infrastructure. Linux Foundation events also bring companies together to share their solutions to open source problems and exchange best practices to improve and strengthen their strategy and participation.

Past and future speakers and attendees at our events are among the world’s most important and knowledgeable leaders in open source technology and collaborative development. They include:


  • Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux and Git, at LinuxCon North America

  • Doug CuttingDoug Cutting, Apache Hadoop creator, at Apache Big Data

  • Benjamin Hindman, co-creator of Apache Mesos and founder of Mesosphere, at MesosCon North America

  • Gabe Newell, co-founder of video game development company Valve, at LinuxCon North America

  • Cornelia Davis, CTO at Pivotal, at Collaboration Summit

  • Anant Argarwal, CEO of online learning giant edX, at LinuxCon North America

  • Solomon Hykes, founder and creator of Docker, at LinuxCon North America

  • Candy Chang, TED senior fellow and artist, at LinuxCon North America

  • Brian Behlendorf, Apache Software Foundation co-founder, at Linuxcon Japan

  • And many others

For more information and to see a schedule of upcoming events, visit events.linuxfoundation.org.


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