Linux Foundation Japan Evangelist Program


Linux Foundation Japan is a credible advocate organization for the open source ecosystem in Japan, driven by their passion for open technologies and projects, as well as furthering the mission of open source.

Standards of Excellence

We believe LF Japan Evangelists represent the best of the open source community in Japan. You have been selected because of your accomplishments, but also your ability to help others learn, collaborate and accomplish their own goals. These Standards of Excellence are designed to provide a set of guidelines and best practices for engaging with LF and the broader community. These Standards will make it easier for LF Japan Evangelists to contribute to a positive culture and environment by providing clarity around what and how we create the LF ethos.

Current Evangelists

Masato Endo
Masato Endo
Group Manager of Open Source Program Group (TOYOTA OSPO), Toyota 
Expertise: OSPO, OpenChain
Shingo Fuijimoto
Senior Research Director Data & Security Research Laboratory, Fujitsu Research Group, FUJITSU Limited
Expertise: Blockchain
Munihiro Ikeda
Lead Architect at Cybertrust Japan
Expertise: Security
Yuichi Nakamura
Chief OSS Strategist, Hitachi
Expertise: Cloud, Security