The Linux Foundation is committed to open source success. Whether you are looking for guidance on how to get involved in the Linux kernel community or you're looking for a neutral location to host an industry-wide development project, we are here to help every step of the way.


The Free Operating System That Has Taken Over The World


The Linux Foundation ensures the future of Linux and provides the platform for its shared development. Read the case study to lean more about how Linux has become one of the world’s most successful and far-reaching collaborative projects.


  • Linux has provided a platform and was a catalyst for the growth of web and virtually every emerging technology platform since (mobile, IoT, cloud, Big data)
  • 99% of the top 500 most powerful computing systems are running Linux
  • Linux has become the largest and most successful proof point for open source ushering in a new era of shared R&D via open source collaboration

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Uniting the Web’s Fast Moving Web Development Community

node.js foundation logo

Since its inception in 2009, Node.js has been one of the fastest growing open source infrastructure projects of all time. Read how The Linux Foundation helped create the Node.js Foundation and learn about the ongoing efforts to support the Node community.


  • Active users of Node.js has grown to 4 million users per month
  • Development activity has gone from 107 commits a month to more than 386 by the team of more than 70 committers
  • Releases have gone from five to six in a year to 5 to 6 each month

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Helping to Secure the Web for Free

Lets Encrypt Logo

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority, run for the public’s benefit and operated by The Linux Foundation. Read the case study to find out how Let’s Encrypt is creating a more secure internet.


  • Despite growing concern for data security, most transactions and websites are not secure
  • Let’s Encrypt enables free and automated installation of security certificates
  • By end of 6-month beta period, Let’s Encrypt had issued 1.7 million certificates for more than 3.8 million websites

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The Linux Foundation Unites Industry Around SDN

OpenDaylight logo

With the goal of creating a robust open source software defined networking (SDN) platform, the founding members of the OpenDaylight project turned to The Linux Foundation for help. Read the case study to learn how developing this platform in a vendor-neutral space at The Linux Foundation was a key part of the project's success.


  • Independent technical review helped establish project's beginnings
  • Separate project and technical governance preserved code independence
  • Through shared R&D, OpenDaylight has become the de facto industry standard in modern networking

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Telecom Carriers Collaborate on Network Function Virtualization Platform

opnfv logo

When industry-leading telecom providers decided to join together and create an open platform for network function virtualization, they quickly realized they needed guidance on how to best approach collaborative open source development. With the help of The Linux Foundation, the member companies have built a thriving project community.


  • Leveraged open source guidance to create a project with key industry support
  • Successfully pivoted from traditional standards approach to open development
  • Collaborative development has helped speed innovation and troubleshooting

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Open Source Collaboration Speeds IO and Networking Development

PLUMgrid logo

PLUMgrid partnered with The Linux Foundation to help streamline and grow the IO Visor project with the goal of bringing universal IO extensibility to the Linux kernel. Learn how support of the project has grown quickly with the help of The Linux Foundation's open source network.


  • Technical collaboration had been challenging without a strong framework and guidance in place
  • Implementation of lightweight governance model facilitated better collaboration with members and enabled technical steering committee to focus on smart growth of the technology
  • IO Visor experienced expedited community interest and growth by leveraging The Linux Foundation’s existing open source network

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How Microchip got their driver in the kernel mainline

microchip logo

Navigating the world of Linux kernel development can be challenging. Fortunately for Microchip, they were able to leverage their membership at The Linux Foundation to get mentorship from top kernel maintainer, Greg Kroah-Hartman. Find out how this mentorship helped them get their tech in the mainline.


  • One-on-one mentorship by Greg Kroah-Hartman provided guidance and insight into Linux kernel community
  • Microchip MOST technology accepted into Linux mainline
  • Relationship built with kernel development community continues to deliver value

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DigitalGlobe Launches Next Generation Satellite Ground System with Cloud Foundry

DigitalGlobe logo

When DigitalGlobe started planning for its next-generation satellite ground system, speed and agility were critical. They needed a reliable application platform that could work across a variety of cloud infrastructures and support multiple languages. Learn More »


Cloud Foundry Helps Allstate Develop the Power to Disrupt

Allstate logo

After 90 years of business and at the peak of success, the IT and DevOps teams at Allstate knew it was time to change the way they worked in order to ensure the company’s future success. With market disruptors and consumer dynamics driving significant changes in the industry, Allstate wanted a platform that could support continuous innovation. Learn More »


GE Creates Cloud Solution for the Internet of Very Important Things

General Electric logo

Set on answering the unique needs and scale of customers across aviation, energy, healthcare, and transportation, GE wanted to create the world’s first and only cloud solution designed specifically for industrial data and analytics. With Predix Cloud, GE needed a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to capture and analyze the unique volume, velocity, and variety of machine data within a highly secure, industrial-strength cloud environment. Learn More »


Serro Solutions Satellite Network Uses OpenDaylight to Automate Service Delivery

Serro Solutions logo

Serro architected a cloud-based SDN solution using OpenDaylight, OpenStack, and other open source code to help their client take control of its global MEO infrastructure. Learn More »


KT Corporation Leverages OpenDaylight to Deploy Transport-SDN WAN Network

KT Corporation logo

KT Corporation (formerly known as Korea Telecom), as a leading provider of nation-wide carrier WAN services, looked to the OpenDaylight SDN platform to create and deploy a new, highly flexible, and scalable Transport SDN (T-SDN) WAN network. Learn More »


Why Cornell University Chose OpenDaylight

Cornell University logo

With a critical need to build a network that could meet the unknown demands of the future, Cornell turned to SDN. Learn More »


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