"The Linux Foundation has shown it can manage competing visions and egos, a bit like when Phil Jackson ran the Bulls," writes Grant Burningham for Newsweek in reference to the Hyperledger Project. The project has announced expanding membership as industry heavyweights see its growing importance. 

Hyperledger Project

A solution to the counterfeit drug problem proposed at Hyperledger meeting

Hyperledger Project

Node.js' model is "the future of open source development."

Node.js Foundation

The Linux Foundation's Let's Encrypt is helping secure the Internet.

Let's Encrypt

The Hyperledger Project has filled key leadership positions and 10 new companies are joining the project and investing in the future of an open blockchain ledger: Blockstream, Bloq, eVue Digital Labs, Gem, itBit, Milligan Partners, Montran Labs, Ribbit.me, Tequa Creek Holdings and Thomson Reuters.

Hyperledger Project

Jim Zemlin advocates for a more inclusive open source at Collaboration Summit 2016.

Linux Foundation

Getting your company to integrate open-source development can be difficult; The Linux Foundation and the TODO Group want to change this. 

TODO Group
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