The Linux Foundation is your trusted advisor and partner in helping navigate open source complexities. Our broad range of offerings provide free and commercial services to individuals, companies, and open source projects. Our industry experts and services are here to provide trusted counsel to help you reduce costs, improve software development efficiency and raise the quality of your products and services.


The Linux Foundation compliance programs focus on educating and helping developers and companies understand their license requirements and how to build efficient, frictionless processes to support compliance.

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Corporate Training

Working closely with you, the Linux Foundation training team custom designs training programs based on our highly-regarded courses, delivering Linux training that directly fits your needs.

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Linux Foundation events are the only place where companies can reach the maintainers and developers across all the important open source software projects in enterprise, networking, embedded, IoT and cloud infrastructure.

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Event Management

The Linux Foundation offers event production and management services for organizations and companies across the entire open source ecosystem and throughout the world.

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Professional Networks

Members of The Linux Foundation's community have built multiple professional networks that you may find value in engaging with. If you manage open source professionally, you will likely find a fit with one of our networks.

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Training courses from the Linux Foundation span the entire range of Linux development -- from desktop to enterprise server to mobile and embedded markets. Our courses include intensive hands-on lab exercises and demonstrations to provide students with the real world experience needed to thrive in their work projects.

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