An ideal open source management program is based on an Open Source Management Strategy determined by the business objectives of the organization. An Open Source Management Policy reflects the strategy in a concise set of rules for managing open source. The policy and existing software processes are melded to define a set of detailed Open Source Management Processes for the day-to-day use and management of open source software.

Our consultants have assisted hundreds of organizations in developing open source management programs, and are uniquely qualified to help you and your organization develop and implement an effective program, ensuring that your business realizes the maximum benefit from open source while reliably managing operational, technical, and legal challenges. Open Source Management Consulting

The Linux Foundation offers services individually or combined to provide a complete open source management program:

Open Source Management Strategy Development

An Open Source Management Strategy is based on the business objectives of the organization and drives those objectives into the decisions in each of the program dimensions. With their broad business and software experience, The Linux Foundation consultants employ a workshop approach to drive consensus towards an open source management strategy specific to your organization.

Open Source Policy Development

An effective open source policy concisely states the rules for using and managing open source software within an organization. The experts at The Linux Foundation provide training and leadership to your key stakeholders to deliver an Open Source Policy that employs industry best practices and fits the unique needs of your organization.

Open Source Process Development

Standard processes enable your organization to reap the full benefits of open source. Linux Foundation consultants employ a workshop approach to engaging your key stakeholders to deliver a set of efficient processes based on industry best practices and your organization’s existing process framework. Our philosophy is “As simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Open Source Program Implementation

Implementing an open source management program in a large organization is a formidable undertaking, incorporating implementation planning, organizational development, tools selection, deployment, and training. The extensive experience of The Linux Foundation team will accelerate this undertaking and help your organization avoid the many pitfalls that organizations face in creating and launching cross-disciplinary programs.

Open Source Governance Optimization

For companies that already have an open source management program in place, The Linux Foundation offers a focused engagement to assess current practices and provide actionable recommendations to save time and reduce overhead, to address operational and legal risk, and to derive maximum advantage from the open source governance program.


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