The Linux Foundation is the nexus for the world’s professionals working on open source software. Open source professionals are the program office managers employed to oversee a company’s community engagement, its adoption of open source into products, release of products using open source codebases, and the processes and infrastructure to support legal compliance. They are also the legal professionals who guide their companies’ open source activities and decisions.

The Linux Foundation offers a comprehensive set of resources to support our growing community of open source professionals. These include:


Who are Open Source Professionals?

Business Leaders Looking to Reduce R&D Costs

Business leaders are tasked with deriving the most benefit from their technology investment. Organizations not only see benefit from sharing the R&D burden across the industry for non-differentiating technology, but also by capturing opportunity cost through faster speed to market. The Linux Foundation’s open collaboration model allows industries to unite and drive the innovation further and faster by leveraging open source projects.

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Legal Professionals Learning about Open Source Nuances

The legalities of open source software use are not untenable—just different than conventional proprietary software. Legal professionals are now tasked with incorporating open source software developed externally from their organization. The Linux Foundation provides resources that help legal professional learn how to best bring open source software in-house as well as take it to market.

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Open Source Community Managers

User-led innovation flourishes in an open source development model when the ideas flow freely among developers and users. The framework for doing so requires enough structure for consistent flow of code and inclusion of feedback loops from users. The Linux Foundation provides events and networking opportunities for these professionals to foster innovation and speed development.

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