According to our 2016 Open Source Jobs Report conducted in partnership with Dice, open source skills are in high demand. 

  • 87% of hiring managers say it's difficult to find open source talent, and 79% have even increased incentives to hold on to their current open source professionals.
  • 58% of hiring managers are looking for DevOps talent, making DevOps the most in-demand role in open source today.
  • For jobs seekers, even though 86% of tech professionals say open source has advanced their careers, only 2% say money and perks are the best part of their job.

If you want to gain or maintain the skills for today's most lucrative and rewarding jobs, you need to keep your skills sharp. The Linux Foundation is the ideal organization to help you with your career goals. 


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Linux Certified Sysadmin

Prove to your peers, managers, and recruiters that your skills are sharp by earning a Linux Foundation certification. In addition to our Linux-based certification exams for systems administrators, we offer certifications for other cutting-edge technologies, including OpenStack and Microsoft: Linux on Azure. Skip the testing center—Linux Foundation certifications are available to you anywhere, anytime, because we know you're busy.

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Open Source Events

Linux Foundation events are the only place where the world’s leading maintainers, developers, and practitioners across the most important open source software projects meet. Nearly 15,000 attendees from over 3,100 organizations across 85 countries attend our events yearly. By attending one of our 25+ events, you'll get a chance to meet the developers for Apache Mesos, Hadoop, or Docker, and if you're lucky, you may get to meet Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

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Becoming an Individual Supporter of The Linux Foundation pays off with discounts on Linux Foundation events, training courses, and equipment. Plus, you get a email address to show your support of the open source community. Modeled after other community programs and with more benefits available to supporters than ever before, we bring together open source software professionals, developers, sysadmins, and students to advance important community and industry initiatives that increase diversity in tech and access to new technologies.
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