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LF Deep Learning Foundation is a project of The Linux Foundation that supports open source innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. LF Deep Learning was created to support numerous technical projects within this important space.
With LF Deep Learning, members are working to create a neutral space for harmonization and acceleration of separate technical projects focused on AI, ML, and DL technologies.
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The LF Deep Learning Foundation is an “umbrella” project of The Linux Foundation, in that it will support numerous separate and individual projects within the artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning space. LF Deep Learning is currently finalizing its processes for project proposal and submission. If you are interested in contributing an open source project to LF Deep Learning, please visit our join page.

The initial project of LF Deep Learning is the Acumos AI Project, a comprehensive platform for AI model discovery, development and sharing. We will update this page as additional projects are added to LF Deep Learning.


Governance for LF Deep Learning is set forth in the project’s charter. The Governing Board is responsible for oversight of LF Deep Learning, with a Technical Advisory Council responsible for assisting in the coordination of, and communication among, the various technical efforts supported by LF Deep Learning.

LF Deep Learning offers two levels of membership for for-profit entities (Premier and General) and an Associate membership level for non-profit organizations. The legal entity for LF Deep Learning is The Linux Foundation, and membership in The Linux Foundation is required in order to become a member of LF Deep Learning.


The following organizations are founding members of LF Deep Learning. To learn more about how your organization can participate please inquire below.

Intel AI
Red Hat
Tech Mahindra
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“We are excited to offer a deep learning foundation that can drive long-term strategy and support for a host of projects in the AI, machine learning, and deep learning ecosystems. With LF Deep Learning, we are launching the Acumos AI Project, a comprehensive platform for AI model discovery, development, and sharing. LF Deep Learning enables the open source community to support entire ecosystems of projects in these spaces, and we invite the open source community to join us in this effort.”

Jim ZemlinExecutive Director, The Linux Foundation