We continue to enable developers with a wide range of tools to help them create businesses and applications, and today, Open vSwitch is now an integral part of the Linux Foundation. It's a great move for Open vSwitch to move to the Linux Foundation, accelerating adoption efforts even more through open collaboration. Open vSwitch has become a critical piece of technology to help developers and their businesses move to a software defined and cloud development world. We look forward to continuing to work with the Open vSwitch community in its new home of the Linux Foundation."

Kyle Mestery, Distinguished Engineer and Director of Open Source Networking, IBM

We are thrilled with the move of Open vSwitch to the Linux Foundation, and believe that OVS is an important project in the open source networking ecosystem. The governance for OVS in the Linux Foundation is lightweight and serves as a strong example for others to follow. The OVS community is well-aligned with and complements other community projects hosted by the Linux Foundation, making this an ideal new home to help enable the long-term success of the project.”

Chris Wright, Vice President and Chief Technologist, Office of Technology, Red Hat

“Having been involved with the OVS project since 2012, it’s been great to see OVS grow into a truly community-supported effort and a critical component of many of the world’s largest data centers. Giving OVS a formal home within the Linux Foundation is a great way to ensure continued investment and community participation in this important open source project.”

Bruce Davie, Chief Technology Officer, Networking, VMware, Inc.

“Having been involved with the OVS project since 2012, it’s been great to see OVS grow into a truly community-supported effort and a critical component of many of the world’s largest data centers. Giving OVS a formal home within the Linux Foundation is a great way to ensure continued investment and community participation in this important open source project.”
Bruce Davie, Chief Technology Officer, Networking, VMware, Inc.

"LSEG is committed to an open source collaborative approach to the development of the building blocks for blockchain technology. We believe this technology has the potential to drive change across the industry but will need to be developed in partnership with clients and other industry participants under an open source approach. This needs to be done in a considered and rigorous manner to benefit the market as a whole."

Moiz Kohari, Group Head of Technology Innovation, London Stock Exchange Group

"Advancement in distributed ledgers can provide tremendous evolutionary opportunities in financial services, and drive new opportunities and efficiencies in institutional investing. The work the open ledger project is focused on is an important first step as coordinating open standards will help this technology achieve the critical mass it needs."

Antoine Shagoury, global chief information officer at State Street

"At Mesosphere, we see a major industry transformation underway, driven by the new class of technologies for managing containerized workloads, including Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, and the Mesosphere DCOS. By collaborating as an industry foundation we will accelerate customer adoption and help enterprises achieve scale plus true portability between clouds and their private data centers. Mesosphere’s vision is to make it possible for thousands of stateful and stateless services to run multi-tenant on the same clusters, simplifying operations, and maintaining proper access controls and security isolation between workloads. These are the new requirements for modern datacenters and the target of much of the innovation happening on the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS)"

Florian Leibert, Co-Founder and CEO at Mesosphere

"We’re past debating the importance of technology shifts to NFV, Cloud, and containers. FD.io was created to meet the needs of developers, deployers and operators that require high-performance, scalable and resource efficient I/O, packet processing, and data plane management across bare metal, Hypervisor and container environments. FD.io is more than just fast networking and fast storage. Accelerating the pace of innovation and improving the developer experience around these services was a big design principal in FD.io. With the modular nature of VPP Technology, flexible architecture and the inclusion of a dev, test and continuous performance toolset, the project was designed with a vibrant open source community of contributors in mind."

David Ward, SVP, Chief Architect & CTO, Cisco

"Distributed Ledger Technology will unlock the full ‘digital’ potential of capital markets and the wider financial services industry by enabling a shift away from the current reconciliation based systems that are very expensive and highly inefficient. Key to that journey is to have standards and shared platforms that are utilized across industry participants. The open ledger project is a great step forward in that process and we are thrilled to be a part of it."

David Treat, Managing Director, Financial Services at Accenture

"A broad, cross-industry and open source approach is critical to advance the potential for blockchain and make it mainstream. Even beyond building out standards, creating common code will allow organizations to focus on creating industry-specific applications that enhance the value of this technology."

Arvind Krishna, Senior Vice President and Director, IBM Research

"Open source software provides a critical foundation for the technologies we build for our clients, We are proud to support the Core Infrastructure Initiative so we can contribute to building the foundational technologies that make future innovation possible."

Shawn Edwards, CTO, Bloomberg

"Our customers see Software-Defined Networking as critical to the ongoing evolution of the network. Ericsson is committed to deliver on the promise of SDN to open the network to innovation and new business models. We support the OpenDaylight Project because collaboration on an open source SDN platform will help to accelerate the realization of the SDN promise."

Jan Haglund, VP and Head of Product Area IP and Broadband at Ericsson

"With the growing adoption of Virtual Network Infrastructure in Cloud IT, there remains a missing component of integration with the capabilities of Physical Networks. The OpenDaylight Project brings together the players and technology needed to articulate this integration within a rich ecosystem. Initiatives like OpenDaylight will enable our customers to fully realize the benefits of SDN technologies and drive the adoption of Automated Networking in the broader Cloud IT marketplace."

Pere Monclus, CTO at PLUMgrid

"Univa is excited to participate as a founding member of the new Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Enterprises want to capture the power and benefits of containerization and the industry is stepping up to the challenge. We look forward to sharing our extensive experience in workload optimization and resource management with the CNCF community"

Gary Tyreman, CEO of Univa Corporation

"The scale and pace of mobile technology development is having a growing impact on many technology areas, drones are no exception. The possibilities around drone technology are exciting and Qualcomm has found success in and supports community driven platforms as a way to accelerate innovation in pioneering areas such as drones, robotics and IOT."

Matt Grob, CTO, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

"IBM is working with customers and others to design, build and support the new era of computing – an era driven by unprecedented data growth, and the wide scale adoption of such game-changing technologies as cloud, mobile, social and Big Data analytics. A key aspect of this new paradigm is the software defined environment that brings much needed intelligence to the network. We believe that the OpenDaylight Project will help clients ascend to this level of enterprise computing and start reaping the performance, management and cost benefits associated with the software-defined environment. In addition, IBM is delighted to have played a key role in the formation of this collaborative initiative, which aligns well with our long-term commitment to openness and innovation."

Dr. Ambuj Goyal, General Manager, System Storage & Networking at IBM

"Data science is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in business, science, and technology, where the R language and ecosystem is a major enabling force. The R Consortium is an important enabling body to support and help grow the R user community, which increasingly includes enterprise data scientists."

Neil Mendelson, Vice President, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Oracle 

"As a neutral third-party, the new Node.js Foundation is attractive to all Node developers focused on delivering quality-driven releases to be run at scale,io.js and Node.js developers will certainly be able to continue their rapid rate of innovation and experimentation, which is key to advancing the project."

Ben Uretsky, CEO of DigitalOcean

"SDN provides an opportunity for cloud, enterprise IT and telco providers to realize new efficiencies and pursue new services. We are at a critical inflection where the industry requires open source controllers and standard APIs developed at a consortium level to propel SDN into the mainstream. These actions will foster the growth of a whole new generation of networking solutions. Intel is excited to be a part of the leadership that is defining these standards-based approaches under the OpenDaylight Project."

Rose Schooler, GM Communications, and Storage Infrastructure Group at Intel Corporation

"The data plane transformation that began with DPDK more than five years ago is now amplified by the FD.io framework. Community-driven innovations in software-based packet processing will accelerate NFV and SDN across communications service providers, cloud service providers, and enterprises."

Sandra Rivera, vice president, Data Center Group and general manager, Network Platforms Group, Intel

"Industry collaboration, open standards and heterogeneous support across vendors are paramount to realizing the full potential of SDN, Juniper Networks supports the OpenDaylight Project because we believe cooperation in the industry and the development of a common SDN platform will ultimately benefit customers by accelerating the design and delivery of new services and lowering the cost of network operation."

Brad Brooks, vice president of business strategy and marketing, Software Solutions Division at Juniper Networks

"EMC has been aggressively focused on 3rd platform IT architectures including the use of new container based technology in our products and solutions. We are excited to help launch and support the OCP effort as the risk of overly fragmented technology will only slow down the adoption by our customers. At its core, 3rd platform is all about creating speed of creation and deployment of high value applications so efforts like OCP help align the industry in taking friction and unnecessary complexity out of the overall IT stack."

John Roese, chief technology officer, EMC

"Microsoft is pleased to be a member of the OpenDaylight Project and to work with industry leaders to create a common framework and platform for SDN. The OpenDaylight Project aligns with Microsoft’s commitment to open standards-based development and enables the industry to benefit from Microsoft’s deep experience running global, large-scale datacenters and delivering flexible, elastic cloud-scale services."

Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Windows Server and System Center, Microsoft

"We are excited to support this effort to bring the industry together to agree on a core standard for containers, which we feel will benefit all customers no matter what cloud provider they use. Through our close work with Docker over the last year we have demonstrated our commitment to openness and welcome this opportunity to help create an open platform for customers."

Jason Zander, CVP, Microsoft Azure

"We look forward to working with such an expansive group of industry leaders to establish standards within the container industryThe Open Container Project enables vendors like us to focus on building infrastructure for Docker containers, with the peace of mind that Docker will be the container runtime of choice on any cloud and in any data center."

Sheng Liang, CEO of Rancher Labs

"As organizations adopt hybrid clouds, it’s critical to have a mechanism to facilitate application virtualization and portability between open standards-based cloud environments. HP’s use of container-based solutions aligns well with our focus on giving enterprises and the federal government the tools they need to manage multiple clouds. Our work with Docker and the Open Container Project underscores our commitment to the development of software container standards and contributing back to the open source community to help make containers ubiquitous and scale into the enterprise."

Martin Fink, executive vice president and CTO, HP

"Red Hat has long championed the open source development model, which can result in faster innovation and accelerated technology adoption. The OpenDaylight Project is designed in line with these principles in order to bring a more open approach to Software-Defined Networking to bring better technology to the industry faster. Red Hat is pleased to participate in the OpenDaylight community alongside The Linux Foundation and many other industry leaders to drive the evolution of Software-Defined networking."

Brian Stevens, CTO and Vice President, Engineering at Red Hat

"Customers need an open, interoperable future for Software-Defined Networking. VMware contributes to this future through participation in key open source projects such as Open vSwitch and OpenStack Quantum. Our participation in the OpenDaylight Project reinforces our commitment to help customers continue to benefit from compatibility and interoperability across Software-Defined Networking technologies as they adopt them in their environments."

Hatem Naguib, vice president, Cloud Networking and Security, VMware.

"We are delighted that The Linux Foundation is providing a broadly-supported vehicle through which we can contribute the Hyperledger brand and enterprise grade blockchain solutions to the open source community. The resulting impetus will benefit our clients and the entire global financial services industry who are seeking to build business applications on a trusted foundation."

Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset

"There is a clear opportunity for the networking industry to collaborate on an open source framework to advance Software-Defined Networking. The OpenDaylight Project brings a meeting of the minds of SDN leaders, developers and technologists to build next-generation data centers and clouds. Arista Networks is a founding member of the OpenDaylight Project and we are excited to contribute to the transformation of the networking industry."

Tom Black vice president of SDN engineering at Arista Networks.

"R3 has long believed that an open source approach is the best vehicle for developing the foundational elements of a financial grade shared ledger that will benefit all market participants and their clients. We're very excited to be a part of this effort led by The Linux Foundation, the marquee name in open source technology development."

David Rutter, CEO of distributed ledger initiative R3, the largest bank consortium in history

"We believe that joining The Linux Foundation is critical to advance innovation in the automotive industry open source and collaborative development give us what we need to push the technology envelope across the industry. We are deeply committed to the advancement of open source technology in the automotive industry."

Masashi Yamasaki, deputy general manager of Integrated Control System Development Division for Mazda Motor Corporation

"Hitachi Data Systems is happy to join forces with IBM and others in the Open Mainframe Project to expand the ecosystem around Linux and open source software on the mainframe. Joining the Open Mainframe Project gives Hitachi a chance to lend its expertise in mainframe, storage, real-time automation, cloud-standards and software-defined infrastructure to this growing community and adds to our extensive open standards project participation."

Roberto Basilio, VP Product Management at Hitachi Data Systems

"East Carolina University(ECU) will continue to grow our mainframe curriculum as it is consistent with the strategic goals of the College of Engineering and Technology, as well as ECU. Moreover, ECU believes mainframe skills provide our students with an excellent opportunity to obtain career positions with established companies. ECU perceives the Open Mainframe Project as an excellent vehicle to meld our already extensive Linux curriculum with the growing mainframe curriculum. North Carolina, the university, and our students benefit from our participation in the Open Mainframe Project."

Joel Sweatte, director of IT and adjunct faculty member for the College of Engineering and Technology

"The Telecommunication 4.0 era features the full convergence of IT and CT; it relies on NFV and SDN as the key technical enablers for automatic deployment and agile operation. The orchestrator functions at the top part of them play the critical role. We are hoping that all partners work together to build the healthy ecosystem and accelerate the maturity of SDN and NFV. By embracing open source, China Mobile is expecting that the OPEN-O project will develop state-of-art open-source orchestrator software."

Li Zhengmao, executive vice president of China Mobile

"GoDaddy and the Node.js Foundation share a common goal: widespread adoption and accelerated development of Node.js. That’s why we’re joining the Node.js Foundation. We serve billions of requests for our customers' websites every month with Node.js and are using it more and more throughout our business. With this usage and the acquisition of Nodejitsu, we are committed to Node.js internally. Joining the Node.js Foundation is another example of our commitment and we want to share the skills, benefits and lessons we learned."

Charlie Robbins, Director of Engineering, GoDaddy

"Node.js infrastructure has been extremely important to us as we've expanded globally and into areas like mobile over the last few years. By becoming a Node.js Foundation member, we're able to give back to open source and support a technology that continues to drive Groupon's business forward."

Sri Viswanath Chief Technology Officer, Groupon

"The Node.js Foundation is built on transparency and enabling community voice. By evolving the way decisions are made regarding technical and business advancements like Node.js, we’re moving to a much more meritocratic model that enables both developers and end users to fully maximize our investment in this code base."

Danese Cooper, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff - Open Source at PayPal

"Node.js sits at the center of the full stack Javascript revolution. The Node.js Foundation is providing critical infrastructure for the Node.js and io.js communities and the results will be faster, simpler, and more efficient high-performance applications across a variety of areas."

Travell Perkins, Vice President of Web Architecture, Fidelity

"With companies facing digitalization of their businesses and the Internet of Things progressing massively, agile environments for high-performance applications in the cloud are more important than ever. JavaScript through node.js and io.js will help SAP to better serve our customers. Thanks to the node.js and io.js developers and their commitments to the future of this critical platform, we're confident about the future of this area of technology."

Bjoern Görke, EVP and corporate officer, Product & Innovation Technology, SAP SE

"Progress is truly committed to the advancement of Node.js in the enterprise, not only through investment in our own Modulus platform and developer community, but by providing support to organizations such as the Node.js Foundation. We share the collective goal of widespread adoption, participation and technical contribution to the Node.js community and its related modules and are confident that the Node.js Foundation will play a pivotal role in the proliferation of Node.js to developers and business users worldwide."

Karen Tegan Padir, President, AppDev, Progress 

"Telecom networks are moving towards NFV/SDN, and Huawei will help operators get there by re-architecting network infrastructure by means of systems integration using OPEN-O. The orchestrator is the core component for NFV/SDN-based systems integration and involves a large number of multivendor interfaces. Huawei embraces open source with the aim of achieving an industry standard, together with industry partners, and to realize flexible resource orchestration and scheduling in a multivendor environment, thereby accelerating operators’ operations and transformation and driving future business growth."

Dr. Howard Liang, Huawei's senior vice president and president of the Global Technical Service Dept.


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