The Linux Foundation has helped many projects set up programs to enable ecosystem compatibility and interoperability with the open source project’s codebase or an industry ecosystem. We also understand the needs of aligning intellectual property frameworks around the project to a conformance or compliance program. This becomes important with permissively licensed open source projects in which the community needs some level of interoperability in order for its goals to be realized, but also desires contributions from those in the community deploying the code into consumer or production uses.

We can help projects structure conformance (e.g., self conformance, lab-based conformance), compatibility (e.g., test suites), and all other supporting processes, documents, and structures within a project’s governance to enable a healthy program that supports innovation and commonality for code adopted into products and solutions. Examples of conformance programs The Linux Foundation has started include:

Cloud Foundry Certified
The Cloud Foundry Certified PaaS Program is designed to ensure that the experience of working with Cloud Foundry is consistent across providers—as an application developer or operations professional—by ensuring all certified offerings are using the same core Cloud Foundry software. Learn more.

Linux Standard Base
The Linux Standard Base was created to lower the overall costs of supporting the Linux platform through a self certification program. By reducing the differences between individual Linux distributions, the LSB greatly reduced the costs involved with porting applications to different distributions, as well as lowering the cost and effort involved in after-market support of those applications. Learn more.

The OPNFV Community Test Labs
The OPNFV test bed project “Pharos” is a federated NFV testing infrastructure of community labs around the world, designed for hosting continuous integration, deployment, and testing of the OPNFV platform. Learn more.

Whether you’re launching your project or looking for expert guidance to take it to the next level, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn about hosting your project at The Linux Foundation, a neutral home for collaborative development.