The Linux Foundation team integrates services–including marketing and demand generation, content creation, public relations, analyst relations, social media, event promotion, and creative services–based on the priorities and needs of each project. Priorities are aligned to the project’s overall goals developed by the project leadership.

Marketing Services

The Linux Foundation’s open source project marketing services bring communities of developers, end users, and vendors together for mutual benefit.

Marketing services benefit developers through networking and reputation/career-building opportunities, both at our conferences and online. Developers value the high-quality, neutral technical content that The Linux Foundation project marketing teams create, curate, publish, and promote.

Our services benefit end users through the publication of best practices and case studies from pioneering users, through end-user oriented conference tracks and content, and through the collection and publication of authoritative technology usage research and surveys.

Marketing services play a key role in vendors’ developer and ecosystem strategies. Project marketing facilitates connections with leading-edge practitioners and developers, providing invaluable insight into market trends. It also offers custom access to technology usage research, and connects vendors and end users working to solve common challenges.

Public Relations, Analyst Relations, and Social Media Services

The Foundation’s PR services team maintains unparalleled, long-standing, and highly productive relationships with industry influencers such as reporters, analysts, and bloggers. The Foundation’s neutral, nonprofit role in the ecosystem brings credibility and access that is unique and highly visible. The team focuses on creating a media relations strategy and then executing on it over time, adjusting as the plan over time as needed.

The PR services team manages speaking opportunities for project spokespeople as well as members speaking on behalf of the project. Maintaining a conference calendar, preparing speaking abstracts and responding to calls for papers are all a part of this service.

The PR services team also handles industry analyst relations, providing neutral outreach to firms to appraise them of project news and/or to arrange briefings.

Social media services include strategy, monitoring, and content development for each project’s social platforms. These may include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, G+, Instagram, or others.

Whether you’re launching your project or looking for expert guidance to take it to the next level, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn about hosting your project at The Linux Foundation, a neutral home for collaborative development.