Putting open source software into the hands of developers and businesses to build amazing things can be a powerful force in any industry. Identifying open source licenses, and understanding licensing compatibility and compliance, is an important part of any development project.

The Linux Foundation has deep experience helping projects implement tools, processes, and reporting so that participants can identify and address licensing compatibility issues in the project—long before they are discovered in product distribution reviews in companies, or worse, after ecosystem members distribute products. Our capabilities, tooling, and services provide deep visibility into the licensing of source code included in the project’s codebase, and can help identify issues prior to the project’s release.

The Linux Foundation focuses on educating and helping developers and companies understand their use of software under various licenses and how to build efficient, frictionless, and often automated processes to support compliance. Many of these resources are collated under The Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance Program.

Whether you’re launching your project or looking for expert guidance to take it to the next level, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn about hosting your project at The Linux Foundation, a neutral home for collaborative development.