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  1. Open Compliance Directory and Rapid Alert System

  2. Valve's Gabe Newell and Linus Torvalds on Linux and Gaming

    Valve is joining The Linux Foundation. In this short video, we capture Valve's Gabe Newell talking about the role Linux is playing in the company's development strategy, and Linus Torvalds talks about the significance of this for Linux and the Linux desktop.

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  3. Making Open Source Robotics Approachable: The Future is Now! - James Ketrenos

    Robots and multi-rotor coptors have made their way into our lives. Whether it's a robotic vacuum cleaner or a first-person-view quad-copter racing through trees, today's devices are the toys we always dreamed of having as kids. Computational performance, power utilization, thermals, and weight… Read more

  4. Mesos Containerization and Native Container Image Support - Yan Xu

    Linux containers, popularized by Docker, have been a game-changer in data center computing in recent years. Mesos has supported container isolation since its early days and has been supporting Docker since 0.20. We’ll give an overview of the evolution of Mesos containerization and an… Read more

  5. Building Economic Value Through Open Source

    Intrinsicly cultivate client-centric markets without transparent partnerships. Monotonectally productize integrated products before standards compliant data. Holisticly scale open-source results via exceptional users. Synergistically engineer resource sucking models through dynamic imperatives. Rapidiously transform cross-media technology without functional solutions.

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  6. The World's Greatest Developers

    Collaboratively benchmark premier imperatives for integrated strategic theme areas. Intrinsicly predominate clicks-and-mortar expertise via market positioning scenarios.

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  7. Open Source Compliance Templates

    When a company is in the process of creating a FOSS compliance program, they need to establish policy, processes, guidelines, best practices, and much more. The Open Compliance Program is offering some of these material as templates that you can customize to your own needs saving you the effort… Read more

  8. Compliance Tools


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  9. Training and Education

    The Linux Foundation offers a variety of free informational resources including white papers from noted industry experts.

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  10. Test Project Child breadcrumb

    This is the description

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