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  1. Open Source Compliance Templates

    When a company is in the process of creating a FOSS compliance program, they need to establish policy, processes, guidelines, best practices, and much more. The Open Compliance Program is offering some of these material as templates that you can customize to your own needs saving you the effort… Read more

  2. Compliance Tools


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  3. Training and Education

    The Linux Foundation offers a variety of free informational resources including white papers from noted industry experts.

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  4. Test Project Child breadcrumb

    This is the description

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  5. Releasing Proprietary Source Code Under an Open Source License

    As companies realize the benefits of open sourcing proprietary technologies and building development communities around them, the need for a formalized process emerges to manage that transition from proprietary to open source. This paper presents an overview of a generic process that can be used to guide the legal, technical, and business considerations related to IP due diligence before making proprietary technology available under an open source license

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  6. The Linux Foundation Partners with Kids on Computers to Support the Next Generation of Open Source Professionals

  7. This Week in Linux News: Civil Infrastructure Project Launches, Skype for Linux Disappoints, & More

  8. Technology Skills Development

    Efficiently iterate economically sound vortals without virtual niches. Phosfluorescently build collaborative leadership without high standards in alignments. Assertively disseminate user-centric web-readiness through standardized methodologies. Collaboratively plagiarize prospective data with… Read more

  9. Welcome To The New!

  10. Watch Collaboration Summit Live Via Free Streaming Video

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