This week in open source and Linux news, a talk on diversity in tech sparked a pithy article for The New Stack via Darryl Taft, The Linux Foundation consolidates two projects to form ONAP, and more. Keep reading for a curated look at the top OSS headlines of this past week. 

1) “Diversity in Open Source” talk at Open Source Leadership Summit tackled the challenges women and minorities still face in the tech industry. Darryl Taft comments. 

Amidst Bias, Women Work to Find a Place in Open Source Communities– The New Stack

2) The Linux Foundation seeks to consolidate two of its open source orchestration and management efforts.

Linux Foundation Creates New Platform for Network Automation– WSJ

3) “Google fuzzer helps find 11-year-old memory-corruption flaw in the Linux kernel.” Linux’s Decade-Old Flaw: Major Distros Move to Patch Serious Kernel Bug– ZDNet

4) “Xen Project helps to advance the state of MirageOS unikernel operating system with a new release that now supports the KVM hypervisor.”

MirageOS Unikernel Effort Moves Forward– eWeek

5) Valve releases SteamVR for Linux, letting developers “create Linux content for the HTC Vive VR headset, trackers and other hardware.”

Valve Launches SteamVR Support for Linux– Engadget

This week in Linux and OSS news, Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols explains why Linux is forcing Windows to up its gaming game, blockchain is especially important in the current sociopolitical climate, and more! Read on to keep on top of the most important tech stories.

1)  Linux can take some credit for improving Windows gaming, writes Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Developer Claims Linux Forced Microsoft to Up Its Windows Game Support– ZDNet

2) The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation to begin using The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project.

Blockchain Will Secure Global Derivatives Trading– CyberScoop

3) It’s the “impact of blockchain on […] finance and business that’s fostering innovation and opportunities for her company and clients.”

Why IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Believes in Blockchain– brandchannel

4) A hacker has published an open source tool for helping admins strengthen their network security.

Hacker Publishes Open Source Tool For Finding Secret Keys On GitHub– FOSSbytes

5) “Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux is evolving into a credible alternative to running Linux inside Windows on VMs.”

Bash On Windows is Becoming Linux For Windows Users– InfoWorld

1) British Government Digital Service (GDS) posted a job advertisement looking for a new ‘open source lead’. “How times have changed,” writes Adrian Bridgwater.

UK Government Recruits Chief Open Source Penguin– Forbes


British flag

The British Digital Service (BDS) seeks an open source lead; a metaphor for the changing times.

2) Vendors are changing their business models to incorporate OSS.
Open Source Reshaping Vendor Business Models – Wikibon– Silicon Angle

3) Scott Gilbertson anticipates two great years ahead with Mint 18.x.

Mint 18 Review: “Just Works” Linux Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This– Ars Technica

4) This edition of Jim Lynch’s weekly digest focuses on how many gamers are actually using Linux.

Do You Use Linux as Your Main Gaming OS?– InfoWorld

5) The new CORD project will enable telcos to use SDN, NFV and cloud-based tech.

CORD Project Will Help Service Providers Build Cloud-Like Networks– eWeek