The Linux Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of 22 senior leaders from across the IT industry. Board members represent Linux Foundation members and the Linux developer community and set the strategic direction for the organization.

Chris Mason

Chris is a longtime contributor to the Linux Kernel and maintainer of the Btrfs filesystem. He is currently a software engineer on Facebook's kernel team and the chair of the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board.

Chris Rice

Chris is senior vice president of AT&T Labs. He is responsible for delivering the architecture and design of Domain 2.0, the software-centric AT&T network.

David Marr
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

David is Vice President, Legal Counsel at Qualcomm Technologies, where he currently leads the open source practice and policy team.

David Ward

David is CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect at Cisco, where he is responsible for leading research and development of new Cisco technologies.

Dirk Hohndel

Dirk is VMware’s Chief Open Source Officer, leading the company’s Open Source Program Office, directing the efforts and strategy around use of and contribution to open source projects and driving common values and proc

Doug Fisher

Doug is corporate senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group for Intel Corporation.

Eileen Evans
At-Large Director

Eileen is Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Software, Cloud and Open Source, for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Erica Brescia
At-Large Director

Erica is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Bitnami. With over one million deployments per month, Bitnami provides the largest source of applications and development environments to the world’s leading cloud serv...

Frank Fanzilli

Frank Fanzilli is a seasoned software veteran and advisor to early- and late-stage software companies. Previously, he held the post of Global Chief Information Officer and Managing Director at Credit Suisse First Boston (CSF...

Hiromi Wada

Hiromi is a co-director of AV and ICT Development Center at AVC Networks Company of Panasonic. She has been involved in the development and management of various products based on Linux for more than 20 years, including works

Hisao Munakata

Renesas has been a substantial contributor to the Linux kernel for 10 years and Mr. Munakata, a senior director at the company, leads its upstream kernel development team. He also helps champion Renesas’ work on several Lin...

Hisashi Hashimoto

Hisashi has been working on the development and management of commercial operating systems based on UNIX since he joined Hitachi. His responsibilities encompass both workstations and mainframes. He also has extensive experie...

Hong-Seok Kim

Hong-Seok Kim is the Vice President of Samsung Electronics. He currently leads Samsung’s efforts for Tizen developer infrastructure and environment. Before joining Samsung, he worked at Facebook and Microsoft. He received h...

Jeff Garzik
Silver Director

A futurist, entrepreneur and software engineer, Mr. Garzik is co-founder and CEO of Bloq, a blockchain enterprise software company and a member of Hyperledger, a Linux Foundation project.

Jessica Murillo

Jessica is Vice President, Open Systems Development at IBM.

Jim Zemlin
Executive Director

<p dir="ltr">Jim's career spans three of the largest technology trends to rise over the last decade: mobile computing, cloud computing and open source software. Today, as executive director of The Linux Foundation, he uses t...

John Gossman

John Gossman is lead architect on Microsoft Azure, where he spearheads technical strategy and partnerships for Linux and open source technologies. He has driven strategic relationships with companies such as Red Hat, Docker, ...

Nithya Ruff
At-Large Director

Nithya is the Senior Director for Comcast’s Open Source Strategy Practice. Most recently, she founded and managed Western Digital’s Open Source Office.

Peixin Hou

Peixin is currently serving as the Chief Architect of Open Software and Systems in the Central Software Institute, Huawei. Peixin has been working in the software industry for over 20 years and has sufficient experience in o...

Tsugikazu Shibata

Tsugikazu is the Senior Manager of NEC and has an extensive background in the development and management of proprietary operating systems, including work with mainframes and super computers. He currently belongs to the Open S...

Wim Coekaerts

Wim Coekaerts is Sr. Vice President of Linux and Virtualization Engineering for Oracle, reporting to Chief Corporate Architect, Edward Screven. He is responsible for managing Oracle's Linux strategy with a dedicated focus on ...

Yoshiya Eto

Yoshiya is the Vice President &amp; General Manager at Fujitsu and has been involved in operating systems at Fujitsu, including development and development management of Fujitsu proprietary operating systems and Linux. For o...