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Community Project

These projects take advantage of the governance structure and back-end resources that the Linux Foundation provides to all hosted projects. Examples of these projects include: SPDX, FOSSology, CHAOSS, Linuxboot and OpenBMC.

Community Project + Funding

These projects benefit from community-raised funding to provide resources and infrastructure like enhanced code repositories, continuous integration systems, testing resources, conformance programs, and developer events. Membership or funding support for these projects is never required to contribute. Examples include: Let’s Encrypt, Node.js, OpenAPI Initiative, and Open Mainframe.

Umbrella Community + Funding

These projects support several technical projects under the same funding structure and are focused on a technology area. This allows the community to pursue a strategic vision across a spectrum of opportunities while balancing demands on resources. Examples include: Automotive Grade Linux, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Hyperledger, LF AI & Data and LF Networking.

Download your benefits guide to hosting projects with us.

Build and scale open source projects with our core support programs. Tap into our expert knowledge, business support programs, and purpose-built tooling to manage your project more efficiently. Then let your developers focus on what matters: code. Download our PDF to learn more about the benefits of hosting your project with us.

Project Operations

Full-scale services support the fiduciary, legal, and ecosystem development.

LFX Platform

A cloud-based collaboration portal purpose-built to automate project administration, monitor project health.

Training & Certification

Develop careers with online, in-person, and instructor-led technical training and certification courses.

Developer Enablement

Drive adoption or find top-tier contributors with mentorship, evangelism, and expert certification programs.

Event management

Design and produce events to elevate project awareness, foster collaboration and connections, and accelerate project growth.

Ecosystem Development

Bring together companies and the best individual contributors to build shared open technology ecosystems.

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Open Governance

Project decision making moves to a model of open, transparent governance. The LF won’t take over and reset your technical direction and vision back to day zero. Instead, we work with project founders to document an open model of collaborative community operation — almost always without disrupting the next release or existing contributor base.

Community Assets

Any trademark, git repo accounts, or community assets should be owned neutrally by the foundation entity.

Open Source

The intellectual property model should follow open source best practices and be documented — whether it’s open source software, hardware, standards, data, or other collaboration. This keeps lawyers happy and enables new contributors to easily engage under clear terms.

Community Support

At least one Linux Foundation member and five organizations are sponsoring the project.

Manage projects at scale.

LFX is your cloud-based collaboration management portal for all open source project operations.


Additional Support Programs


Infrastructure Management

Give developers the tools and expertise they need to manage their code.


Marketing Operations

Engage communities and member companies through marketing experts that understand developers and open source.

Creative Support

Creative Support

Keep your project brand and design on point, from concept to execution.


Legal and IP Management

Streamline project adoption and growth via a portfolio of tried-and-tested governance and legal frameworks.


Community Growth

Fuel project advocacy with playbooks and technology to increase community participation.

20 Growth

Finance and Operations

Help plan for financial growth with expert advice, operational support and tools.


HR Support

Provide professional staffing and support that enables you to stay focused on innovation.

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