The Shubhra Kar Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) Scholarship Program

Advanced open source training for aspiring IT professionals.

The Shubhra Kar Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) Scholarship Program aims to increase diversity in open source technology by providing access to training courses and certification exams for deserving individuals at no cost to the recipient. Since 2010, The Linux Foundation has awarded over 2,100 scholarships for millions of dollars worth of specialized, technical training to those who may not have the ability to afford this opportunity otherwise. The program was renamed in memory of long time Linux Foundation CTO Shubhra Kar, who we tragically lost in early 2022.

The 2024 Applications are Open through April 30, 11:59 p.m. PDT.

2023 Shubhra Kar LiFT Scholarship Recipients


Allan Okoth, 29, Rwanda

Blockchain Blockbuster

Allan is working as a developer at an organization facilitating crypto payments for Africa's small to medium sized businesses as well as a blockchain-based platform that promotes supply chain transparency and traceability. He particularly likes open source software because of the level of community support and readily available documentation that helps newbies get started. He believes open source software like Linux and Python have benefited him immensely, which is why he is always looking for ways to contribute to the community.

Ayush Patel(1)

Ayush Patel, 24, Republic of Korea

Cloud Captain

Ayush is currently building a cloud native load balancer for 5G Core and 5G RAN as well as supporting public cloud platforms with Kubernetes. Additionally he is working on a CI/CD automation for a cloud native environment. His interests include cloud infrastructure development, ML, network architecture, web development and mobile app development. 

Jhonny Villafuerte(1)

Jhonny Wilmer Villafuerte Burgos, 24, Spain

Cybersecurity Champion

Jhonny holds a degree in criminology and is currently working as an SOC technician and junior threat hunter for a global network security firm. He sees open source and cloud as the future and is working to become an expert in cloud and container security to better serve his clients.

Jorge Gutierrez(1)

Jorge Ulises Gutierrez Villanueva, 30, Mexico

Hardware Hero

Jorge works in R&D at a telecommunications company where he works on developing open source diagnostics devices, processes and procedures to improve telecommunications quality. Recently he's started using AI to recognize PCB damage and automate pre-screening.


Asha Sulaiman, 26, Sri Lanka

Linux Kernel Guru

Asha has been contributing to the open source community for five years, including patches to the Linux Kernel. Currently she is focused on the Linux Kernel Identity and Access Management Domain. She is also actively involved in mentoring girls and young women in open source as she works toward her career goal of becoming a Linux Kernel Maintainer. 

philip kumi(1)

Philip Kumi, 24, Ghana

Networking Notable

Philip is a telecommunications network engineer deploying open source SDN solutions. Currently he is working to find ways to deploy hybrid open source solutions that will easily integrate with his company's existing in-house solutions. His long-term goal is to transition into automation and DevOps.

LinLetLet Tun

Lin Let Let Tun, 25, Myanmar

Open Source Newbie

Lin is a self-described open source enthusiast in her final year at the University of Computer Studies in Yangon. She appreciates the strong security emphasis the open source community placed on code. She plans to use her technology skills to support others efforts' to pursue freedom of movement across borders to secure employment.

Chrispin Mwawana(1)

Chrispine Mwawana Mwalela, 26, Kenya

Software Developer Do-Gooder

Chrispine is currently developing a mobile app to connect low-income families with community resources using open source mapping to locate food pantries, healthcare facilities and social services. He is currently pursuing his master's in Distributed Computing at the University of Nairobi and looks forward to deepening his Linux and Kubernetes knowledge, enabling him to be a better mentor in his community.

Rilwan Yusuf(1)

Rilwan Yusuf, 30, Nigeria

SysAdmin Super Star

Rilwan uses the Ubuntu distribution of Linux for the learning portal at Medecins Sans Frontieres in Nigeria to deliver cost-effective, scalable and flexible customized solutions. The community-driven solutions approach of open source has helped him create innovative and effective solutions for MSF.  He sees open source as crucial to the future and wants to deepen his Linux knowledge so he can serve as a role model for others in his community.


Krish, 14, India


Krish sees open source software as key to his success as a future tech professional due to its increasing importance in how we create, share and use software. He has worked with several open source projects including WebXDAO and EddieHub. He looks forward to making greater contributions to the open source community.

Soumili Chakraborty

Soumili Chakraborty, 20, India

Web Development Wiz

A self-taught developer, Soumili is using open web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JS to create visually appealing user interfaces and integrate backend frameworks like React, Angular, and Node.js. She's using Appwrite to manage backend services, authentication and storage for her web applications; and working on a web app to track daily sugar levels for diabetics using React with plans to implement an advice chat portal with Socket.IO.

Maureen Ononiwu(1)

Ononiwu Maureen Chiamaka, 24, Nigeria

Women in Open Source

A recent graduate in chemical engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Ononiwu taught herself software engineering with the help of She Code Africa and Women Teachers. Her first open source contribution to Scipy, a scientific computing library, introduced her to the "encouraging and welcoming" open source community. This experience was the beginning of a journey that has led her to decide to become a Kubernetes expert and continue in her role as a "town crier of open source opportunities."