Mentorship Programs

Give back to the open source community.

The Linux Foundation Mentorship Program is designed to help developers — many of whom are first-time open source contributors — with necessary skills and resources to learn, experiment, and contribute effectively to open source communities. By participating in a mentorship program, mentees have the opportunity to learn from experienced open source contributors as a segue to get internship and job opportunities upon graduation.

Current Linux Foundation Mentorship Programs

  • CNCF
  • GraphQL
  • Hyperledger
  • LF Networking
  • Linux Kernel
  • OpenHPC
  • Open Mainframe Project
  • RISC-V

Programs Schedule

Mentorships available on LFX Mentorship: mid-January

Common for Spring/Summer/Fall:

  • Mentee applications open on LFX: approximately 4 weeks
  • Mentee application review and acceptance: approximately during the 2 weeks before the term begins.

Note: Dates may vary based on project guidelines.

Varies for each term:

  • (Spring) Mentorships available on LFX Mentorship: mid-January
  • (Summer) Mentorships available on LFX Mentorship: mid-April
  • (Fall) Mentorships available on LFX Mentorship: mid-July

Programs Highlights Since 2019

More than 270 new developers graduated from the Linux Foundation Mentorship Programs since 2019, with a total 372 mentees participating in mentorship projects. New developers improved the quality and security of various open source projects, including the Linux Kernel.

Thank you Red Hat for your generous donation of $100,000 to support this program.
“I had a wonderful experience with the Linux Foundation Mentorship Program. Mentors were quite helpful and polite. I learned a lot. Support from industry leaders is icing on the cake. I’d recommend this to students anytime.”
“This remote internship provided me with a taste of what working with the kernel community is like, and it also initiated my software engineering career. The mentorship program and its mentors’ structure is paramount to get new developers on track. It was also so much fun to be a part of! Needless to say, I will be contributing to the kernel for the foreseeable future.”