The Linux Foundation is supported by corporate members and individual supporters. Their contributions help build and sustain open source projects at The Linux Foundation that represent some of the most important shared software resources in the world, including: 

  • Linux: The world’s largest and most pervasive open source software project in history.
  • Node.js: The web development tool powering everything from enterprise applications to robots to API engines to cloud stacks, IoT, and mobile websites. 
  • Core Infrastructure Initiative: A multimillion-dollar project that’s fixing the internet’s most critical security problems.
  • Hyperledger: An open source distributed ledger that’s set to transform global financial transactions.
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Our members know their contributions not only help accelerate their own technology and innovation, they’re critical to developing billion-dollar markets and ensuring that modern society continues to run on open source. No single company or person can develop such large and important resources. The Linux Foundation brings together companies and individuals to provide the events, training and certification, open source best practices, marketing, and promotion necessary to build, scale, and sustain critical open source projects and communities.

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