CTO Summit Report EU 2022: Resiliency in Multi-Cloud

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Multi-Cloud resiliency means avoiding or mitigating an adverse event's impact and being ready for unexpected outcomes. Achieving Multi-Cloud resiliency requires different approaches than those that are used within a single cloud, no-cloud environments, or even hybrid cloud environments. Finding a path to federate Multi-Cloud architectures is a growing concern for many organizations.

In May 2022, the Linux Foundation and the CNCF hosted the first-ever Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Summit about Multi-Cloud resiliency, and how to achieve it. The Summit included 21 participants from six business verticals, each representing diverse industry sectors and functions, including aeronautics, automotive, semiconductor, insurance, telecommunication, healthcare, business services, technology, banking, fintech and finance, e-commerce, social media, and audio streaming.

The following report captures the significant findings of the Summit participants, the questions raised, and the concerns that must be addressed.


  • Dr. Udo Seidel, Speakeasy Strategies
  • With Hilary Carter, Linux Foundation Research and Priyanka Sharma, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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