The Open Source Opportunity for Microgrids

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Microgrids – small and independent energy generation and storage systems that connect to traditional utility grids – represent a foundational shift in the way we generate and distribute energy, and are quickly becoming an answer to calls for greater energy resiliency. However, this market faces a number of obstacles in its growth, such as high financial and technical barriers to entry, fragmentation of standards and technologies, and policy and incumbent resistance.

Linux Foundation Research partnered with Futurewei, LF Energy, and Intentional Futures to research the state of open source in the microgrids market. We conducted interviews with subject matter experts in the energy sector to understand where the open source opportunities and gaps exist, and how greater open source adoption could potentially address market barriers by encouraging greater innovation, modularity, interoperability, and access.  


  • Jessica Groopman with Jeff Lindstrom, Intentional Futures

  • With a foreword by Chris Xie and Yue Chen, Futurewei

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