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LF Research publishes actionable and decision-useful insights into open source software, hardware, standards, and data based on empirical research methodologies. Through leveraging community networks, project databases, surveys, and qualitative findings, and through its commitment to best practices in primary research, Linux Foundation Research is the definitive home for data-driven insights into open source for the benefit of governments, enterprises, and society at large.

Featured Research: Open Source For Sustainability

Linux Foundation Research set out to understand how the open source community has advanced the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), conducting a comprehensive study of the LF’s diverse portfolio of projects.




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Releasing Internal Code into a New Open Source Project: A Guide for Stakeholders

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Corporate participation in open source has reached an all-time high and continues to grow as companies realize the value of consuming and contributing to open source projects. Part of the contribution that organizations make is open sourcing proprietary technology. This important contribution involves far more than just making the source code available.

For companies that plan to open source proprietary code as a standalone open source project, this report is a vital resource, offering an overview of the process and identifying the critical elements that ensure the necessary tasks are properly captured and executed. 


Ibrahim Haddad, Ph.D, Executive Director, LF AI & Data and Pytorch Foundation

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