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Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges In Open Source Software: Expert Panel Livestream June 28, 2022

Recorded June 28, 2022

Join Us for a Complimentary Live Webinar Sponsored by Snyk

Open source software (OSS) has had a tremendous impact on the development and distribution of the software we depend on today. Through its collaborative and open way of both developing and sharing software components, OSS has served as a key engine for innovation and encouraged the widespread reuse and sharing of core software components. Organizations of all sizes are heavily reliant on software, and much of that software supply chain consists of open source software components. Because of this, open source software has cybersecurity implications.

Snyk partnered with The Linux Foundation to develop a report that focuses on OSS security perspectives and how to improve OSS security and sustainability. For this webinar, Snyk and The Linux Foundation research analysts will share new insights based on the data collected.

Join this live panel webinar as we discuss key data points surrounding:

  • How organizations are addressing and prioritizing their cybersecurity needs 
  • The most important ways to improve open source software security
  • Who should be driving open source software security policies


Mic McCully, Field Strategist, Snyk

Mic McCully is a Field Strategist at Snyk with a focus on Modern Application Security. In his role as a Field Strategist, Mic spends his time sharing the Snyk vision and strategy while also gathering and collecting insight of security priorities from the market.  His background spans over 27 years in the software industry with close to 17 years of that focused in the security space.  Mic’s background in security spans across multiple disciplines including SAST and DAST in the application security space, network security leveraging anomaly based detection, data level security leveraging digital rights management, mobile security leveraging proactive attack detection and most recently developer focused security enabling organizations to scale and address modern cloud native application security concerns.  This diverse background has given him an appreciation for the multitude of risks and competing priorities facing organizations today.


Steve Hendrick, VP Research, The Linux Foundation

Steve Hendrick is VP of Linux Foundation Research. He has expertise in developing content and services to support product development, product positioning, marketing, business strategy, and messaging. Steve is a subject matter expert in application development and deployment topics, including DevOps, application management, application platforms, and middleware. He has authored comprehensive primary research publications and provided advice and support for some of the world’s most prominent software vendors and Fortune 100 enterprises.

Before joining The Linux Foundation, Steve was a Research Director and Principal Investigator at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). Steve acquired his experience in application development at Chase Manhattan Bank, Interactive Data Corp, Dynamics Associates, and Charles River Associates. 

Steve received a B.A. in economics from Hartwick College and an M.B.A. from Boston University.