Webinar On Demand

An Upstream Friendly Source Control Model And Tooling

Recorded January 20, 2022

We maintain a kernel that contains a significant amount of patches on top of upstream Linux, while also closely following upstream Linux. We will describe how we keep this maintainable through our source control model and automation, while actively encouraging upstream of the content. The end result is that we have processes that are slowly driving down our internal only patches. Download Slides


Andrew Delgadillo, Software Developer, Google

Andrew is a software developer at Google. He joined right out of college into Google’s kernel team. He works on the CPU scheduler team and Icebreaker, Google’s in-house, near upstream, kernel.

Dylan Hatch, Software Engineer, Google

Dylan is a software engineer on Google’s production kernel team. Since joining Google roughly two years ago, Dylan has worked on kernel storage and kernel release teams, and starting just over a year ago, he’s been working on the Icebreaker kernel team. In his free time, Dylan likes backpacking, traveling, and espresso.