Webinar On Demand

Atomic Cross-Ledger Transactions Between Besu & Corda Ledgers using Hyperledger Cacti v2

Recorded November 16, 2023

Our presenters will demonstrate how to create, test and demo an application from scratch using the second major release of the Hyperledger Cacti blockchain interoperability framework.

Prior to the hands-on section of the workshop, we'll quickly introduce the basic concepts, theories and constraints behind the problem space and implementation.

The application we'll be building will use atomic transactions across ledgers and come with a very simple graphical user interface in the interest of easy demonstration.

More specifically our use-case will focus on interoperability challenges in the specific domain of the emerging regulated financial networks, as described in the Harmonia lab.

This is a hands-on workshop where all the attendees will have the opportunity to follow along with the presenters as the application gets created, tested and demonstrated, but it will also be very informative for atendees who just wish to observe the work and the theoretical ideas powering the implementation.