Webinar On Demand

Build Your Identity Solution Using Hyperledger Aries Workshop

Recorded November 10, 2022

This workshop is a four hour online course that introduces the core concepts and principles of decentralized identity. As you progress, you’ll learn how to use the SelfServe and indyscan network tools, be introduced to the Indy Command Line Interface (Indy CLI) and install and run the Aries toolbox to create, issue, and verify a verifiable credential.

Topics include:
  • Decentralized identity concepts and principles
  • The verifiable credential data model
  • Decentralized identity ecosystem
  • Network tools indyscan and SelfServe
  • Intro to Indy CLI
  • What Hyperledger Aries is
  • Install and run Aries Toolbox
  • Create connections and issue a credential
  • How to verify credential
Sam Curren

Deputy CTO at Indicio


Sam Curren, Deputy CTO at Indicio, is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Architect specializing in Aries and DIDComm and is also a maintainer of the Hyperledger Aries and Indy projects. During the workshop, Sam will be joined by other SSI experts from Indicio.