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CHIPS Alliance Deep Dive Cafe Talks: AIB Deep Dive + Opportunities Presented By Intel featured image

CHIPS Alliance Deep Dive Cafe Talks: AIB Deep Dive + Opportunities Presented By Intel

Recorded August 10, 2021


AIB Deep Dive Kickoff: David Kehlet, Research Scientist, Intel

AXI Protocols for Die-to-Die Interoperability Nij Dorairaj, Senior Engineer, Intel
Nij will cover AXI protocol over AIB and how it enables end-to-end AXI interface across chiplets. He will provide details on how AXI4-Streaming and AXI4 signals are mapped over AIB to achieve this with examples. Nij will also discuss channel alignment usage with AXI and its necessity for multi-channel protocols.

Die-to-die Standards for 3D Heterogenous Integration, Dr. Farhana Sheikh, Senior Engineer, Intel
Farhana will give a high-level overview of need for die-to-die standards for 3D heterogeneous integration and a review of AIB-3D concept and our plans for open sourcing an early AIB-3D specification in 2022.


AIB Chiplet Ecosystem, Martin Won, Senior Marketing Engineer, Intel

Martin will cover how AIB-based chiplets and the AIB-based chiplet ecosystem helps Intel achieve product goals and technology pathfinding to new areas of potential product development. He will also discuss how Intel built the Stratix and Agilex families, including integration of the first non-Intel designed AIB-based chiplets into our FPGA products.

AIB and Chiplet Interface Generators, Krishna Settaluri, CEO Blue Cheetah Analog Design, Inc.
Krishna will cover how Blue Cheetah’s generators enable rapid configurability of circuits for chiplet interfaces and show the results / verified outputs of our AIB generator.


AIB on Standard Packaging, Lai Guan Tang, Principal Engineer, Intel

Lai Guan will cover AIB scaling over different package technologies and the concept of using a common AIB PHY to scale to multiple bandwidth densities.