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Debugging Linux Memory Management Subsystem

Recorded June 7, 2023

View an interactive, complimentary Mentorship Session exploring Debugging Linux Memory Management Subsystem with Khalid Aziz, Consulting Linux Kernel Engineer at Oracle

Linux Memory Management subsystem (mm) in the kernel is responsible for managing physical memory use on a system. It manages the state of physical memory, allocates memory to kernel, drivers and users as requested, reclaims freed memory and ensures memory regions are accessed only by the authorized users. Bugs in mm subsystems can impact functionality, performance and security.

In this talk, we will walk through the process of finding the root cause of a real life mm bug. We will explore components of the mm subsystem as we walk through the debugging process. We will learn about some of the tools, tips and techniques available for mm subsystem debugging.

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Khalid Aziz

Consulting Linux Kernel Engineer, Oracle


Khalid is a kernel developer with experience spanning enterprise, realtime and embedded environments. He has been contributing to the memory management subsystem and has added memory tagging support. He has contributed in the past to low level system enablement, SCSI

drivers, firmware interfaces, console support, kexec and ia64 port of Linux kernel.  He was the editor and major contributor to Linux Foundation Carrier Grade Linux 1.0 Specification. He is also a Debian maintainer.