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Deliver Your App Anywhere … Publicly Or Privately

Recorded December 17, 2020

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Developers are increasingly adopting a microservices approach for their apps in order to gain rapid iteration capabilities required for delivering new services faster. However, delivering the app still requires multiple steps such as allocation of virtual IPs, provisioning the front load balancer, configuring firewall rules, configuring a public domain, and DDoS. At present, each of these steps requires coordination across multiple teams with multiple iterations per team. The time efficiencies gained by adopting microservices and cloud-native technologies can be negated due to the time taken to deliver the app.

In this session, Pranav Dharwadkar, VP of Products at Volterra, and Jakub Pavlik, Director of Engineering, will help you understand these challenges and introduce a distributed proxy architecture that can alleviate these provisioning challenges across different cloud environments. This webinar will include a live demo using a distributed proxy architecture to advertise an app publicly and privately.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The steps required to deliver an app using the current approaches
  • How a distributed proxy architecture can be used to deliver an app publicly and privately
  • The operational benefits of a distributed proxy architecture for delivering new services

This webinar is sponsored by Volterra and hosted by The Linux Foundation.


Pranav Dharwadkar, VP of Products, Volterra

Pranav is a VP of Products at Volterra. Previously, he led Connected Car Product at Jasper, acquired by Cisco. Pranav’s connected car products, used by Tesla, GM and Ford, won the GSMA GLOMO award. At PayPal, Pranav drove several percentage point improvements in the checkout conversion rate for its core checkout product. At Cisco, Pranav led acquisitions for the Collaboration group and led product management for the $1B core routing product portfolio. He has six patents and his research is published in the IEEE Distributed Computing and Infocomm.

Jakub Pavlik, Director of Engineering, Volterra

Jakub Pavlik is co-founder, former CTO, and chief architect of TCP Cloud (acquired by Mirantis in 2016). Jakub and his team worked several years on the IaaS cloud platform based on OpenStack-Salt, Kubernetes, and OpenContrail projects, which they deployed and operated for global large service providers. Currently, he works as Director of Engineering at Volterra, where he is building cloud services for modern applications using Istio and Kubernetes.