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Delivering the Future of Automotive Innovation with RISC-V

Recorded October 26, 2023

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Vehicles are undergoing a period of massive evolution driven by increased levels of autonomy, new in-car experience and electrification, driving the automotive supply chain to deliver greater innovation while streamlining the product life cycle. RISC-V is the Open Standard Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) that uniquely scales across every in-vehicle compute application, cost effectively delivering the innovation and diverse compute requirements to power future generations of vehicles. Come and hear how:

  • The RISC-V ISA is already simplifying development and deployment of hardware and software innovation across vehicle ranges and models
  • The open and extendable nature of the RISC-V standard can enable the automotive supply chain to work together while at the same time fostering individual opportunities for innovation and differentiation
  • The RISC-V ecosystem is the source of a wide choice of technologies and expertise, enabling greater design freedom for any automotive compute development, from processor cores and verification, to software components and development tools, to safety and security
Pete Lewin

Director of CPU Ecosystems and Chair of the Automotive Special Interest Group at RISC-V International


Pete looks after the RISC-V CPU ecosystem at Imagination Technologies, and chairs the Automotive Special Interest Group at RISC-V International. He has worked for over 20 years in the CPU IP business in various technical, marketing and business roles supporting complex ecosystems encompassing tools, software and hardware from companies across the industry. Pete is passionate about bringing diverse companies together to create joint outcomes that are better than the sum of the parts.