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Demystifying Kubernetes Observability with Generative AI and LLMs

Recorded May 16, 2024

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The use of AI and LLMs provides significant promise in lending a hand to operators overwhelmed by K8s-related alerts. LLMs are adept at processing, learning and recognizing patterns in a large volume of repetitive textual data — precisely the nature of log data and other telemetry in highly distributed and dynamic systems. They can easily be applied to observability to provide meaningful recommendations. But LLMs are not a panacea. Let’s talk about the real value vs. inflated expectations. 

In this presentation we’ll discuss:

  • How ChatGPT says we can use LLM in observability today
  • The limitations of LLM
  • How LLM can be used to simplify the user experience of complex observability solutions
  • How to use LLM to help with mundane tasks that are error prone
  • What’s next - Interactive chat with your data
Asaf Yigal

Co-Founder & CTO, Logz.io


Asaf is Co-Founder and Vice President Product at Logz.io, where he leads the company’s overall product vision and strategic direction. Prior to launching Logz.io in 2014, Asaf was Co-Founder and VP of Product Development at forex trading network provider Currensee which was acquired by OANDA in 2013. At OANDA he served in the role of VP Product Management. Asaf holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the Israel Institute of Technology.