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Proxyful Or Proxyless: Digging Into Istio With Cilium

Recorded July 19, 2022

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NetworkPolicy and container networking are the foundations upon which platforms build for their networking needs. A service mesh provides a set of controls and security policies that live at the application layer. But how do these differing and potentially conflicting policies co-exist in a modern platform? 

Cilium is an exciting container-networking project that can be used to complement a service mesh like Istio. In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How Cilium and Istio can be implemented to work together
  • Removing confusion and conflicts that can occur around connectivity, performance, security, and observability for application networking
  • Enabling a robust set of controls over Layer 3-4 and Layer 4-7

By bringing together Cilium and Istio, we look forward to a complete application networking stack for your cloud-native journey.

Christian Posta

VP Global Field CTO


Christian Posta (@christianposta) is VP, Global Field CTO at Solo.io supporting customers and end users in their adoption of cloud-native technologies. He is an author for Manning and O’Reilly publications, open source contributor, blogger and sought after speaker on Envoy Proxy and Kubernetes technologies. Prior to Solo.io, Chrisitan was a Chief Architect at Red Hat, FuseSource and held engineering positions at organizations