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Edge Case: Considerations and Architecture for Linux Edge Deployments

Recorded March 24, 2021

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Edge deployments present IT challenges on a number of aspects, from limited hardware specs, low network bandwidth, distributed regional footprints, and more.  As architects, we can overcome these limitations by planning deployments with a focus on automation to support a GitOps approach to building and delivering Edge content at scale, including:

  • Image build and deployment
  • Management of Image Blueprint Definitions
  • Managing/Hosting Edge Artifacts
    • Githooks
    • Edge Tarballs
  • CI/CD Tooling/Process
  • End to End Installation/Update of Edge Deployments
  • Managing Edge Deployments at Scale
    • Aggregating Logging/Metrics Collection
    • Deploying Containerized Workloads


Robert Sedor, Chief Architect at Red Hat 

Rob is a Red Hat Chief Architect for Application Development.  He has worked with Red Hat as a Middleware Solutions Architect, an Account Solutions Architect and a Cloud Architect.  Rob was the lead architect and developer on the shipping API used by eBay and has developed solutions including tracking RFID tags in casino chips and acoustic gunshot detection.  Rob works with C++ and Golang doing systems programming and regularly works with Python and Java/Camel doing cloud native development.

Andre Pitanga, Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat

Andre collaborated with and delivered projects with some of the world’s most technically advanced Financial Service Industry organizations, including many of the largest investment banks. Focused on bringing the benefits of participation in the Open Source ecosystem to highly regulated and secure environments, Andre has over ten years of practical experience automating security and compliance. He is currently working with customers in ushering their most critical, and legacy, applications and environments into a Cloud Native, service-driven paradigm.