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Engineering Efficiency At Scale, DORA Metrics And Beyond

Recorded October 20, 2021

Join Us for a Complimentary Live Webinar Sponsored by Harness

As engineers, we are natural optimizers. Engineering efficiency is all about allowing engineers to work more efficiently. Several disciplines come together in engineering efficiency such as Developer Experience and tooling/automation improvements. There are certain measures that can measure the efficiency of an engineering team.

A popular measure of engineering efficiency are the DORA Metrics. As up-and-coming ways of also measuring efficiency and value come together, a discipline called Value Stream Management or VSM is growing in popularity. 

Learn from Harness in this session how Harness manages internally creating a culture of continuous improvement and learning and is starting to embrace pillars of Value Stream Management. If you are unfamiliar with VSM and even the DORA metrics, join this session to learn more.


Srinivas Bandi , VP of Engineering, Harness

Srinivas is the VP of Engineering at Harness. His teams have developed multiple new products for Harness including Continuous Integration, Feature Flags and Cloud Cost Management. Prior to that, he led the Acropolis Hypervisor and Infrastructure as a Service teams at Nutanix. Srinivas also spent 8 years at VMware an engineering leader and built many key aspects of vCenter, one of their flagship products.