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Exploring Phantom Traffic Jams in Your Data Flows

Recorded January 17, 2023

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In the real world, there's a phenomenon called a “phantom traffic jam” or a “traffic wave.” This is when there is a standing compression wave in automobile traffic, even though there is no accident, lane closure, or other incident that would cause the traffic jam. A similar phenomenon is possible in computer networking or storage I/O, where your data can slow down for no apparent reason. In this talk, Pavel is going to describe when and how this effect can arise and what can be done to discover it.

Pavel Emelyanov

Principal Software Engineer, ScyllaDB


Pavel “Xemul” Emelyanov is an ex-Linux kernel hacker whose past experience includes containerizing Linux and the foundation of the project called CRIU. Pavel joined the ScyllaDB core team at the end of 2019 (which probably explains some extra throughput brought to the NoSQL world since then).