Webinar On Demand

Extra Boot Configuration And Boot-Time Tracing

Recorded July 13, 2021

View Extra Boot Configuration and Boot-time Tracing, with Masami Hiramatsu, Tech Lead at Linaro.

Boot-time tracing allows you to operate ftrace (tracefs) when booting up the Linux kernel. The boot-time tracing supports various ftrace features, including function tracing, trace events, dynamic events (kprobes), histograms, trace instances and other tracers. The setting of this boot-time tracing is done via the extra boot configuration (or “bootconfig” for short), which is something like sysctl.conf but passed to kernel in the early boot stage. The bootconfig itself is also a useful feature for setting up the kernel and init boot arguments written in a structured key-value list.

This session will describe this extra boot configuration and boot-time tracing, how it works and how to write the settings in the bootconfig.

The session will begin with an overview by Masami Hiramatsu (45 minutes) and followed by Q&A.


Masami Hiramatsu , Tech Lead, Linaro
Masami has been a tech lead at Linaro since 2016. Masami has been working on the Linux kernel since 2002. He started working on the Linux Kernel State Tracer (LKST) and joined the SystemTap project. He has been a maintainer of the kprobes and its related features, including ftrace dynamic events, perf-probe command. His recent kernel works are boot-time tracing and extra boot configuration.