Fixing Challenges With Mobile App Development Across Platforms

July 17, 2024 | 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7)


Join us for a Complimentary Live Webinar Sponsored by Linux Foundation Europe and Open Mobile Hub

This Webinar aims to delve into the Open Mobile Hub (OMH) SDK, showcasing its potential as a revolutionary resource for developers. 

In the webinar, we will discuss how OMH can empower developers, service providers, OEMs, and users by providing a unified, open-source framework. This framework facilitates cross-platform app development, enhances service interoperability, and ensures a more inclusive and dynamic mobile environment. The webinar aims to inspire attendees to embrace and contribute to this open-source movement, paving the way for an innovative mobile ecosystem.



Diego Zuluaga

Diego Zuluaga, Technical Solution Director, Futurewei

Diego Zuluaga is the Solution Partner Director at OMH in Futurewei, with a rich background in developer relations, solutions engineering, and customer success. He has contributed to technologies such as Android, Google Assistant, and Google Cloud, and has been actively involved in open source projects. Diego's experience includes roles at Google and IBM, where he focused on improving developer tools and solution architecture for APIs and integration. His passion for unifying mobile platforms and enhancing developer tooling drives innovation and growth in his current role.


Preston Lau

Preston Lau, Technical Steering Committee Chair of the OMH Project

Preston Lau is the senior director of strategy & business development at Futurewei Technologies. In his current role, He is leading cross-functional strategies for AI machine learning and open source initiatives in support of the company growth in new markets & new innovative product areas. Earlier in his career, Preston worked for Google where he led Google’s strategic partnership development in the region and successfully established key relationships with renowned telecom operators and mobile manufacturers, as well as content developers to beef up Google’s service offerings around mobile, videos, maps and finance. From AI startup to billion-dollar corporations, he has accumulated 25 years of strategy & business development experience in hi-tech companies. He earned his Computer Science degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.


Federica Nocerino

Federica Nocerino, Marketing & Communications Manager, Linux Foundation Europe

Federica brings her extensive experience in open source, technology, and diverse industries like videogames, legal and finance to LF Europe. A passionate advocate for inclusive communities, she has championed initiatives for Google Women Techmakers Brussels and GDG Brussels.As a keynote speaker, Federica has delivered presentations across Europe and beyond. Her collaborations with institutions and stakeholders have seen her organize impactful tech and gaming events, give marketing workshops and participate in industry-relevant podcasts and webinars. Through these events, Federica has explored innovative approaches, including gamification, to make tech learning more engaging and accessible, lowering barriers for aspiring developers. Her expertise lies in crafting engaging content, fostering collaboration among developers, and empowering their voices within the open source community.