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Fostering An Open Environment for Developers in a Regulated Industry

Recorded October 7, 2020

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With the institutional advantage of navigating a public-cloud migration in a highly-regulated industry, Capital One has created an innovative, low-friction environment for developers. John Mark Walker will discuss how Capital One accelerated its cloud-first vision while balancing developers’ open source needs with regulatory requirements. To illustrate this work, John Mark will be joined by colleague, Darien Ford, Senior Director of Software Engineering, who will share some of Capital One’s best practices in open source container management.

Webinar participants will learn how to determine which software projects to launch; how to connect them with the overarching technology strategy; actively participate in open source communities; and foster partnerships with foundations, all while meeting regulatory requirements.

Presentation Highlights

  • Capital One’s technology transformation and open source-first commitment to software development;
  • How we built the technology, governance and culture to support open source contribution;
  • Examples from Capital One’s work in open source container management; and
  • By becoming active in open source communities and investing in their sustainability, our software quality increases and risk is reduced.

This webinar is sponsored by Capital One and hosted by The Linux Foundation.


John Mark Walker, Director of the Open Source Program Office, Capital One

John Mark Walker is the Director of the Open Source Program Office at Capital One. Before joining Capital One, John Mark was a long-time practitioner and advocate of open source collaboration, leading open source efforts at Red Hat, EMC, Gluster, Hyperic, and SourceForge.

Darien Ford, Sr. Director of Software Engineering, Capital One

Darien Ford is Senior Director of Software Engineering and leader supporting Capital One’s Kubernetes initiatives. As accountable executive for container orchestration, he drove the adoption of a company-wide managed container platform. Darien now leads product management for an open source and commercial software innovation group. He has worked as an engineering leader across multiple industries–including live video streaming, ad technology, and cell phone gaming.