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Fundamentals Of Microservices

Recorded April 5, 2022

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Get an introduction to microservices that will give you a working understanding of hybrid architectures, containers and Kubernetes, Ingress controllers & more.

Despite powering some of the most popular apps on the planet, microservices – and associated technologies like containers and Kubernetes – are still a mystery to many. Microservices is both an approach to software architecture that builds a large, complex apps from multiple small components and the term for the small components themselves. In this “Microservices 101” webinar, you get a working understanding of the technologies:

  • Monolithic, microservices, and hybrid architectures
  • Containers and Kubernetes
  • Ingress controllers and service meshes

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What microservices are and how they enable faster, more agile apps
  • About container and Kubernetes technologies
  • What a service mesh is and whether you need one
  • Why production-grade solutions reduce costs and save time


Micheál Kingston , Solutions Architect, F5
Micheál Kingston is a Technical Solutions Architect at F5 based in Cork, Ireland. His background includes several years of experience supporting enterprise customers in their digital transformation journey. Micheál interacts daily with F5 Customers and is a specialist in all things NGINX. He has a deep knowledge of microservices, API management, and web application deployments.