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GraphQL to Simplify Data Access for Cloud Native

Recorded September 15, 2022

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In this webinar, we’ll look at the emerging role of GraphQL as the unifying query language for federated resources in the modern, cloud-native environment. Between SDKs, REST endpoints, secondary GraphQL schemas, and esoteric APIs for telecom, mobile, and beyond – the diversity of data in the modern application toolchain presents serious overhead for teams wanting to ship quickly. Using GraphQL, we can leverage the benefits of the cloud-first model while standardizing, securing, and optimizing our data access patterns.

Jesse Martin

Technical Product Marketing, Hasura


Jesse Martin is a veteran GraphQL educator and product journalist, having helped companies including Fortune 500s, startups, national governments, and not-for-profits discover, design, and implement GraphQL. Jesse is a frequent host of the GraphQL tracks at API conferences and is co-host of the Data and API Show. Outside of work he’s a dad of four, a hobby farmer, and is currently interested in embedded devices.

Twitter: @motleydev

Github: motleydev