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Graviton2 Arm vs Intel X86

Recorded June 8, 2022

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Comparing the performance of Graviton-based systems vs x86 hardware for real-time streaming data applications

Intel’s x86 processors were virtually the only game in town until the Arm architecture became available on Amazon EC2. So how do they stack up?

With customers running applications that ingest gigabytes of data daily, streaming data pioneer Redpanda has a vested interest in the relative merits of these processors. They spent hundreds of hours testing both architectures and will share their findings.

Join the data fanatics at Redpanda to learn:

  • Why selecting the right hardware is crucial to hosting data-intensive applications
  • Benchmarking methodologies
  • Performance results: Arm vs x86
Roko Kruze

Head of Customer Success at Redpanda


Roko leads the Customer Success team at Redpanda. He previously worked at Cockroach Labs and Cloudera, where he helped to build multi-region applications and large-scale distributed systems to support global applications.