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How To Create and Manage Multi-Tenant Cluster Solutions Using Self-Service

Recorded September 22, 2022

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Multi-tenancy in Kubernetes can come in different flavors. You may want to share a cluster internally between teams in your organization – perhaps to create isolated environments for different stakeholders, run experiments, or run a multi-tenant application – or you may want to share a portion of a Kubernetes cluster with your customers or other third parties, allowing them to run workloads on their own. In this webinar, Yarel will discuss: 

  • Different methods and tools to build and manage multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters.
  • Examples of “self-service” solutions that offload tasks from DevOps to other stakeholders.
  • How Velocity created a freemium product offering by using a multi-tenant cluster and Capsule to enable self-serve management for the different tenants.


Yarel Maman , Senior Software Engineer, Velocity

Currently a senior software engineer at Velocity, Yarel has been a software engineer and cloud architect for over 10 years. His background includes low-level work, product software engineering, architecture, and operations. For as long as he can remember, Yarel has been interested in infrastructure, tooling, and developer experience, and this is where he found his current technological passion. Yarel loves dealing with infrastructure, plumbing things together, sharing his discoveries, and simplifying things.