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How to Report and Handle Linux Kernel Regressions

Recorded March 15, 2023

View an interactive, complimentary Mentorship Session exploring How to Report and Handle Linux Kernel Regressions with Thorsten Leemhuis, Linux Kernel Regression Tracker

The Linux kernel is well known for its "no regressions" rule, nevertheless quite a few reported regressions apparently are never addressed. This mentorship session will show reporters how to avoid that fate, while also explaining developer how to handle regressions duly:

  • how to check if something actually qualifies as regression
  • how to ensure a regression is seen by everyone that needs to be aware of it
  • who is obliged to find what's causing the regression
  • how fast developers are expected to act
  • how to stand in for your rights as reporter or kernel developer
  • how regression tracking helps both reporters and developers
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Thorsten Leemhuis

Linux Kernel Regression Tracker


Thorsten is the Linux kernel's regression tracker. The texts about reporting bugs and handling regressions found in the kernel's documentation are mostly his work. In Fedora-land Thorsten is known for his many contributions to the project and related areas during the Fedora's first century. Some people also know him from his articles in the German publications heise online & c't magazine. He also regularly shares posts about the Linux kernel and related areas in the Fediverse as @kernellogger@fosstodon.org.