Webinar On Demand

Hyperledger AnonCreds: Using ZKP Verifiable Credentials Everywhere

Recorded May 31, 2023

AnonCreds was accepted as an Incubated project at Hyperledger in late 2022. This is the first workshop developed by this community and it is intended for anyone interested in Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), on Indy, Aries or other platforms. This workshop will be livestreamed and recorded.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction to Hyperledger AnonCreds
  • Issuing and Presenting AnonCreds Verifiable Credentials
  • Hands On: Issuing and Presenting in an AnonCreds Playground
  • The Magic Behind ZKPs
  • ZKPs in AnonCreds
  • AnonCreds in Aries and Other VC Ecosystems
  • AnonCreds Methods — AnonCreds on other than Indy Ledgers
  • Hands On: Using AnonCreds
  • AnonCreds in W3C Format
  • Making AnonCreds Credentials Beautiful with Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA)
  • AnonCreds v2.0 — what’s next?


  • Stephen Curran, Cloud Compass Computing Inc./BC Gov

  • Rodolfo Miranda, RootsID