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Hyperledger in-depth webinar: Blockchain in Europe: Advancements, Opportunities and Challenges

Recorded May 10, 2023

This event brings together leaders from various European blockchain associations and organization to discuss the state of blockchain adoption in Europe as well as trends and opportunities tied to digital identity, CBDCs, and other important use cases. The webinar is split into two parts with the first half hour dedicated to a discussion on the initiatives and efforts of the Digital Euro Association, Digital Pound Foundation and European Blockchain Association to drive adoption. During the second half hour, Alastria and EBSI  dive into practical implementations of blockchain technology and its impact on the European market


  • Erwin Voloder, Senior Policy Fellow, European Blockchain Association
  • Claire Conby, Operations and Governance Lead, Digital Pound Foundation
  • Conrad Kraft, Executive Director, Digital Euro Association
  • Jesus Ruiz, CTO, Alastria
  • Jose Manuel Panizo Plaza, IT Product Officer - Blockchain / DLT Business Manager, EBSI