Webinar On Demand

Hyperledger In-depth with Corsha: Protecting Software Supply Chains with Hyperledger Fabric

Recorded February 22, 2023

Modern software and systems utilize many separate libraries and components to enable new use cases for businesses and users alike. Recently, attacks like the SolarWinds compromise have demonstrated the vulnerability of these software supply chains. A malicious actor can modify or remove key components of the supply chain for a given software product or service, with devastating results.

In this webinar, Corsha, a Hyperledger member company, will demonstrate how Hyperledger Fabric is used to power Corsha's Zero Trust solution for securing the software supply chain. The role and purpose of Hyperledger Fabric at Corsha will be discussed, as well as the new use cases are enabled by Corsha's chaincode, running in a Hyperledger Fabric deployment.

Corsha will then conduct a supply chain attack on a popular artifact repository, modifying and removing docker images and other artifacts. Finally, the Corsha Team will show how placing a Hyperledger Fabric-based app in the middle of the supply chain can prevent attacks by only allowing legitimate sources to modify and obtain mission-critical software components.