Webinar On Demand

Hyperledger In-depth with Spydra: Low code Asset Tokenization Platform for Enterprises

Recorded July 12, 2023

During this webinar, Spydra, a Hyperledger member company, will present its revolutionary Low-code Asset Tokenization platform, built on Hyperledger Fabric. With its high configurability and workflow capabilities, this platform empowers organizations to tokenize both digital and physical assets on the Blockchain without the need for coding.

Experience the seamless integration of smart contracts into your existing technology infrastructure through REST APIs or popular automation tools like Zapier and Power Automate.

Join us for a preview of this cutting-edge platform and learn how it can be swiftly deployed across various industries such as Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail, Fintech, and more. Explore its potential applications, including tracking counterfeit items, streamlining insurance claim processes, automating supply chain finance, and simplifying loan securitization.


  • Ashwath Govindan, Co-Founder, Spydra Technologies